7-Module Course curriculum

Based on the book “FROM FEAR TO FREEDOM” comes 7 online training modules designed to help you become more Free in life.

  1. Pre-Week Preparation

  2. Chapter 1- Mentalism

  3. Chapter 2- Vibration

  4. Chapter 3- Correspondence

  5. 4- Polarity

About this course

  • $222.00

What will you gain?

A 7 module online class to FREEDOM

  • 7 modules to complete at your own pace

  • 7 live zoom classes with Rah with a live group discussion and Q&A

  • 7 weekly worksheets, interactive exercises for each lesson to focus on for the week

  • Taught over +25 of ways to heal

  • Learn how to utilize the Universal 7 laws: Master the skills and apply them to your everyday life

  • Learn how to turn knowledge into wisdom. Re-develop an all-inclusive memory again which connects us to the oneness of absolute divinity

  • Begin to return to your state of full awareness

  • Learn how to not let emotions like fear, hate, and embarrassment hinder your progress and growth

  • Learn how to observe emotional disturbances and energetically diffuse them

  • Learn how to develop a greater relationship with your inner child and intuition

Bonus material

  • Access to a dedicated Coach and Guide

    $100 value

    Receive access to a secure learning portal with videos, informative presentations, worksheets, and weekly check-in group calls with Rah. This includes access to our exclusive Facebook online community. Our community is the perfect place to continue your discovery process after each class. Here, you can continue the discussion about your course materials and interact with your fellow students to take your exploration to an even deeper level. Let's elevate each other on the path to ascension.

  • Provided a safe space to heal and freely be you


    Connect to a community of likeminded people from around the world, share resources and support each other along your journey. Learn how to hold space for yourself and your own healing. The reward is ten fold!

What is the goal of this training?

Freedom is the ultimate goal.  When you reach Mental Freedom you will know that you are powerful and capable of anything and everything! Fear no longer takes a strong effect and worry is replaced by courage and love. Negative thoughts and emotions will seem useless because your knowledge and wisdom will tell you how to fix something unhealthy. Your body, mind, and soul will finally be able to FREE without emotional and mental issues, or past traumas blocking the way. 

Welcome to FREEDOM!

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